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Wire Stripper Tools Multitool Pliers Electrician Repair Tools

Wire Stripper Tools Multitool Pliers Electrician Repair Tools

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Wire Stripper Tools Multitool are essential for electricians and individuals working with electrical wiring.

They are designed to safely and efficiently remove the insulation from electrical wires, allowing for easy connection and termination. Multitool pliers, on the other hand, offer a range of functions and are versatile tools that can be used for various tasks.

Features of Wire Stripper Tools Multitool

  1. Wire Stripping: Wire stripper tools feature specially designed cutting edges and notches that allow you to strip the insulation from different wire gauges without damaging the conductive wire underneath. They typically have adjustable or interchangeable blades to accommodate various wire sizes.

  2. Insulated Handles: Wire stripper tools often come with insulated handles to provide electrical protection and reduce the risk of electric shock while working with live wires. Insulated handles are colour-coded to indicate the level of voltage they are rated for, ensuring safe use in different electrical environments.

  3. Cutting Functions: Many multitool pliers include built-in wire cutters, which can be used to trim wires to the desired length or to cut through smaller-gauge wires. This eliminates the need for carrying separate cutting tools, adding convenience and efficiency to your work.

  4. Crimping and Terminal Functions: Some multitool pliers also incorporate crimping jaws or terminals, allowing you to crimp connectors onto stripped wires for secure electrical connections. This feature is particularly useful when working on electrical installations or repairs that require terminal connections.

  5. Additional Tools: Multitool pliers often include additional tools such as screwdrivers (flathead and Phillips), needle-nose pliers, serrated jaws, awls, and more. These additional tools expand the versatility of the pliers, making them suitable for a wide range of tasks beyond wire stripping and electrical work.

  6. Durability and Ergonomics: Wire stripper tools and multitool pliers are typically constructed from durable materials such as stainless steel or hardened steel, ensuring long-lasting performance. Ergonomic handles with comfortable grips provide a secure and comfortable hold, reducing hand fatigue during extended use.

  7. Portability: Multitool pliers are compact and easy to carry, making them suitable for on-the-go repairs or electrical work in different locations. They can be conveniently stored in a toolbox or carried in a pocket or belt pouch.

When using wire stripper tools and multitool pliers, it's important to adhere to safety guidelines and work with caution. Ensure that the power is turned off when working with live electrical wires, and always follow proper electrical safety procedures to minimize the risk of injury.

Please note that specific features and functionalities may vary depending on the brand and model of wire stripper tools and multitool pliers you choose. It's always recommended to refer to the manufacturer's documentation or product specifications for detailed information about the specific tools you are interested in.


  • Brand Name: Lion Rage
  • DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Features: Mini
  • Handle Style: Straight
  • Application: Wire Stripper
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Plier Style: European
  • Model Number: Wire Stripper
  • Type: Decrustation Pliers
  • Choice: yes


  • Type: multi-functional automatic wire stripper
  • Stripping range: 0.2-6.0mm2
  • Crimping range: 0.5-6.0mm2
  • AWG:10-22AWG
  • Length: 205mm
  • Weight: 350g
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Madge Schmitt

Looking exactly like in the description, working very fine. Thank you!

Vance Mann

All good as described