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5 Pcs USB LED Plug Lamp: Super Bright USB Book Light

5 Pcs USB LED Plug Lamp: Super Bright USB Book Light

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The 5 Pcs USB LED Plug Lamp is a set of compact and versatile USB-powered lights designed to provide super bright illumination for various purposes. These LED lamps are perfect for use as book lights, night lights, or anytime you need convenient and portable lighting. They offer eye protection features and are easy to use.

Key Features:

  1. Super Bright Illumination: Despite their small size, these USB LED plug lamps emit a powerful and focused light beam, providing ample brightness for reading, working, or illuminating small spaces. The LEDs used in these lamps are designed to deliver maximum brightness while conserving energy.

  2. USB-Powered: These lamps are powered by a USB connection, making them highly versatile and compatible with various devices. Simply plug them into any USB port, such as a laptop, power bank, or USB charger, to instantly enjoy the illumination they provide.

  3. Energy Efficient: The LED technology used in these plug lamps ensures energy efficiency, allowing for long-lasting use without draining power sources quickly. They are an eco-friendly lighting solution that consumes minimal energy while still providing ample brightness.

  4. Eye Protection: The USB LED lamps are designed with eye protection in mind. The light emitted is soft, non-glaring, and flicker-free, reducing eye strain and fatigue during extended use. This makes them suitable for reading, studying, or any task that requires extended periods of focused lighting.

  5. Portable and Easy to Use: With their compact size and USB-powered design, these LED lamps are highly portable and easy to use. They can be easily carried in a bag or pocket, offering convenient lighting solutions on the go. Simply plug them into a USB port, and they are ready to provide instant illumination.

  6. Multipurpose Use: These USB LED lamps have a wide range of applications. They can be used as book lights, allowing for comfortable reading in low-light environments. They also serve as USB night lights, providing a gentle glow for bedrooms, hallways, or any area that requires subtle illumination.

  7. Set of 5 Lamps: The package includes five USB LED plug lamps, providing you with multiple lighting options. You can use them in different rooms, share them with family members, or keep them as backups for various lighting needs.

Enhance your lighting options with the 5 Pcs USB LED Plug Lamp set. Whether you need a book light for reading, a night light for gentle illumination, or a portable USB-powered lamp, these LED lamps offer versatility, convenience, and eye protection. Enjoy bright and efficient lighting wherever you go with this practical and compact lighting solution.


  • Brand Name: TxxCvv
  • Light Source: LED Bulbs
  • Certification: CE
  • Certification: CE
  • Is Smart Device: No
  • Features: MINI
  • Are Batteries Included: No
  • Are Batteries Required: No
  • Model Number: USB night light
  • Item Type: Book Lights
  • Power Source: DC
  • Mini size: Easy to carry, bedroom, desk, going out, etc.
  • Dropshipping: Dropshipping/Wholesale
  • Two kinds of lights: 3000K warm light and 6500K white light
  • support drop shipping: yes
  • Attributes 2: USB Night Light
  • Attributes 1: USB Portable LED Lamp
  • Attributes 4: Portable USB Night Light
  • Attributes 5: Charging book light
  • Attributes 3: Illumination book light
  • Attributes 7: Small round night light
  • Attributes 9: Soft light, suitable for night sleep and portable lighting.
  • Attributes 10: Laptops, charging heads, mobile power supplies, etc.
  • Attributes 6: with LED Lamp Beads
  • Attributes 8: USB Small round night light
  • Attributes 11: 100% brand new and high quality
  • Factory stock: support retail and wholesale
  • Name: USB night light
  • Power: about 1W
  • Voltage: 5V/1A
  • Weight: about 6G
  • Colour Temperature: 6500K white light / 3000K warm light
  • Size: 25MM*24MM (including USB 37MM)


  • Portable USB night light, soft light, suitable for night sleep and portable lighting.
  • Suitable for USB ports, laptops, charging heads, mobile power supplies, etc.
  • Mini size, easy to carry, bedroom, desk, going out, etc.
  • Two kinds of lights, 3000K warm light and 6500K white light are suitable for use in multiple environments.

Package Included:

  • 5 Pcs USB Portable LED Lamp

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Eden Kris


Wilmer Purdy

Good quality product

Elsie Goodwin

5 Pcs USB LED Plug Lamp: Super Bright USB Book Light

Michel Gaylord

5 Pcs USB LED Plug Lamp: Super Bright USB Book Light

Darien Schinner

Bright light. Opaque plastic. Good product